I get a ton of email every day.  I spend way too much time deleting emails.  Here are a few things I have started to do.

  • It takes only a few moments more to unsubscribe from Junk email.
  • When you purchase online double-check if there is an Unsubscribe box to check.
  • Sign up for a spam protection service.
  • Use a generic email that you can change or close down if you are getting too much spam.

One of the benefits of having a “Domain Biased” email is that you can close it easily and create a new one.  For example, here at ClassicOnlineServices.com we have a bunch of different emails but the one we use for most things is Service@ClassicOnlineServices.com  If for any reason that email account becomes compromised in any way we can just turn it off and open a new one.  We do not use that email for any of our personal contacts.  We can create hundreds of different emails so if we shut down “Service@” we open up “Info@” or “Help@” or “Contact@” or any other generic name.  So if we create a website for you and your business we will suggest a common email account for the business and personal emails for you and your staff.