If you are like most, you get a ton of emails promising “The first page of GOOGLE” and outlandish claims such as that.  Well, I have some prime swamp in Florida to sell you. I also have some Snake Oil by the 50-gallon drum real cheap too!

A few good warnings.

Start off by looking at the email your “promise” came from.  Does it end in AOL.com or YaHoo.com or Gmail or MSN or Outlook.com?  All of these emails and many more are generic free, email accounts.  They are not the email of a web professional.   Quite often they create these emails so they can send out 1,000’s of emails and when the spam filters start to catch them they just close them up and go away.

The truth is this.

Google is now charging a fee to be listed on top.  Go do a search for Mouse Traps.  Then look at the ads all over the page and look at how many results start with AD – https:/.  These are all paid advertisements to be on that first page.  Google is telling you who to buy from.  They have also made it extremely difficult to make your site appear high in the rankings “Generically”  Once we have built a site for you we will make recommendations that will help your site naturally climb up the rankings.  If you wish to create an advertisement campaign we can help with that too.