Simple contact forms.

A contact form can be a great way to gain information from a guest to your site.  A simple contact form can ask any number of questions or even have selections a visitor can make.  We can create a drop-down list of items or even a checkbox style question with a single or multiple choice.  Here is an example of a simple contact form. 
This form is protected by a simple "Quiz" question.  You must answer the quiz correctly to submit the form.  This Quiz Question will stop about 50% of the spam.

[contact-form-7 id="362" title="SimpleForm"]

Spam Protected Contact Form

Many website owners have found out that the Spammers love contact forms.  Even protected forms can be spammed now and then.
This form is protected by using "Recaptcha" The Recaptcha will stop nearly 98% of the trash mail.  Your email spam protections may pick out and stop the rest of the unwanted items from your online contact form.  Recaptcha is a separate service.  We will be required to register your site with Google and gain API keys to install on your site.  There is a fee for this, but it is a one time fee to install for your entire site!

[contact-form-7 id="367" title="SimpleProtected"]

Complex Contact Forms

You may have a series of connected questions.  Where your first answer will determine the following options.  Have a look at the "options area" in the form below to see an example of the possibilities. Your online form can be constructed in such a way so that when any question is answered in a specific way, other questions pop up.  Try the form below.

[contact-form-7 id="370" title="Complex"]

Contact Forms are invaluable when used for interaction between the owner of a website and the guests or customers online.  Contact forms can be tailored to ask all sorts of questions.  Let us build one for you today!