Web Page Development

When designing a web site there are many things to think about.  What is the site used for?  Will you be selling online?  How will you handle processing orders?  What colors work for you?  Do you have a logo?  What is your basic theme? How do you want your website to be perceived?
We suggest you start by listing your basic pages!  We strongly suggest you also have "Written out" the content you want on the pages.  Include the photos or graphics you wish to have included with your pages.  Many times you can load all your content onto a USB thumb drive for us.
  • Our main page.  What is your website about?  Do you have any information?  Do you have services?  Do you have products?  What is the overall idea behind your website?
  • Products / Services.  What do you provide?  How do you provide your products or services?  Do you have specific hours of operation?  Is your product something that reoccurs?  Do you need an online calendar?
  • Pricing / Store.  Do you have a specific price for a service?  Do you provide services?  Do you have products?  Do you have products that would fall into different categories?
  • About us.  How long have you been providing these products or services?  What accreditations or accolades make you better or more desirable for someone to choose.  What do you want the visitor to walk away with after viewing your site?
  • Contact us.  How do you want to be contacted?  Do you want to provide an email or phone number?  Do you have a brick and mortar store?  What about your mailing address?

Remember we can create as many pages as you need.  We suggest that you have a good list of the pages that you will want and the content for each page.  Your efforts in gathering the content and the photos for your site will speed up the construction process greatly.

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