Welcome to the Monthly Cost Estimator.

Here you can make choices of monthly services and get a real good idea of what your monthly fees will be after your site has been constructed.  There are many options to think about.  We encourage you to read all about the options you are choosing.

This is not a binding form!  This is provided so you can easily get an idea of what your fees could be. Feel free to use this form as many times as you like, to fine tune your needs.

ABOUT THIS ESTIMATOR: There are many monthly fees required to keep a website running.  Take the time to carefully read about each item before making your selections.  If you have questions EMAIL US

Some fees are required.  For example, Domain Renewal, Domain Hosting, & SSL certificates are items that have a fixed cost.  Other items have optional choices like spam protection, form creation, and the number of emails required.  "Site Hosting", & "Monthly Maintenance" are a continuing commitment.

Do not start a new site unless you are willing to commit to these monthly fees.

When you are finished with the form you can send yourself a copy of the results.