Your Domain.

Today there are so many domains out there, it has become very difficult to find a good one.  Classic Online Services can help you get a great domain.  Even with the millions of domains that have already been taken, we can still come up with a good domain for you.  Give us a little information about you, your products, your location and we can help find a domain that will fit your needs.

Already have a domain?

Great!  We can help you transfer that domain over to one of our servers and begin to build a site right away.  We can even build a site first and then transfer the domain over to your new site!  Just let us know your specific situation and we will come up with a plan of action to get you set up with little to zero downtime.  We were able to transfer an entire site and email without any interruption so well that one owner did not even know we had made the switch.

Don't let it expire!

One of the worst things to happen is for you to lose your Domain.  Domains must be renewed every year or so.  Once you have a domain and you spend the money to build a great site you can not afford to let that domain expire.  Not only will we keep an eye on your domain and send you updates about when the domain will expire, but we also take care of the renewal process.  You will have choices on how many years you want the domain to be renewed.  We also take care of the registration process with ICAN  and update the files needed each year for your site.  Once you are a client with CLASSIC Online Services we manage your Domain so you never worry about it.