Things change from "Day to Day"

How fast things change is wonderful, and a bit scary at the same time.  It is nothing short of amazing how fast today's technology changes.  New encryptions and new programs change daily.  Applications pop up nearly 100 a day!  We can take the worry out of these things for you!  We manage the need to keep your site up to date with all the changing regulations and updates.
Each week we look over the enhancements and programs installed on your website.  We make the needed updates and changes to keep things running at top speed and legal.  We also clean out old files that can slow down your site.  Making sure things ALWAYS work.  We also keep a secondary copy of your site so if for any reason the site is hacked or crashes we can have a replacement loaded right away.  When you have a site that consistently preforms well people will notice.  Visitors will also come back time and time again.  New changes also can help your site rank highly on the search engines.  Google loves change and sites that continually update are ranked highly.
Our monthly services fees are reasonable and a fair price to pay to keep things running the best they can.  Just one more reason to host your site with Classic Online Services.