The Form below is a sample of what we call a complex form.

It will ask you questions and provide areas for you to answer those questions.  This is also a real contact form so you can make contact with us.

    How can we help you?
    Please check all the boxes that apply.

    I have a website but would like for you to manage it.I am interested in a website.I would like an internet Store.I would like emails for my website.Video Tutorials.

    Tell us what name you would like to use?

    What is your Domain?

    Where is your domain currently hosted?

    About how many email accounts will you need?

    How many pages do you believe you will need?

    1-56-1011-1516-2021 +

    Please give us your best guess. How many products will you have in your online store?

    When you have a store full of products you will need to have them categorized. For example, if you sell food. Just like in a restaurant you have a menu with categories. "Starters or Appetizers, Seafood, Steaks, Drinks, Kids, and so on. So if you have a bunch of products you may need to think about how to group them.

    How many different categories do you believe you will need?

    Can you give us a short paragraph about the video tutorial you would like for us to make?

    Will you need online contact forms?

    A Simple form will have just a few basic questions like name and email and phone or one or two other questions. A simple form will also ask you to answer a quiz question at the bottom of the form. This quiz question must be answered correctly or the simple form will not send the results of the form. This Quiz question helps cut down on spam.

    A good contact form will have short and easy to answer questions. It may include checkboxes, drop-down choices, as well as, areas for short text messages or even longer texting areas. We protect this form using the Recaptcha online spam protection that stops nearly all malicious uses of your online form.

    A conditional contact form is a great online form. It is most useful in situations where there are many choices based on previous selections. This form here is a conditional form. For example if you go to a restaurant and order a drink you will answer two or three questions when ordering your drink. Do you want a drink? Yes or no. A NO answer will end that line of questions but if you say Yes then what type of drink, followed by what size and so on. A conditional form can be constructed in the same manner. Each answer will determine the next question and so on. The best suggestion we have for you if you are considering a conditional online form is to create an outline of the questions and possible answers and then the questions that follow those answers. Of course, all of our Conditional Contact forms are protected with the Recaptcha anti-spam application.

    Is there something else you need that we have not coverd above?