If you are like most, you get a ton of emails promising “The first page of GOOGLE” and outlandish claims such as that.  Well, I have some prime swamp in Florida to sell you. I also have some Snake Oil by the 50-gallon drum real cheap too! A few goodContinue Reading

There are many things you must consider when opening up an online store.  Some of them are easy and some can be very difficult.  Are you selling virtual items?  Are you selling physical items?  What bank account are you going to use?  How will you handle taxes on items purchased? Continue Reading

Booking Calendars are priceless when you need to keep track of many daily appointments or scheduling things like vacancies, events, and more. There are a ton of different styles of calendars and the one that fits your needs the best depends on hundreds of options that work best for yourContinue Reading

I get a ton of email every day.  I spend way too much time deleting emails.  Here are a few things I have started to do. It takes only a few moments more to unsubscribe from Junk email. When you purchase online double-check if there is an Unsubscribe box toContinue Reading

Over the years I can not begin to tell you how many sites I have built for others.  I finally had a little spare time to put together a site for myself.  There are way too many things I have built over the years to incorporate them all into oneContinue Reading